Within Temptation

A band like from a fairytale

Undoubtedly Within Temptation is one of the most successful dutch band in the symphonic gothic genre.

The creative minds of the bands are the guitarist Ruud Jolie (39), Keyboardist Martijn Spierenburg (40), bass of Jeroen van Veen (46), drummer Mike Coolen (40), guitarist Stefan Helleblad (37) und the 41-year-old mother/head of the band Sharon Janny den Adel. The band was founded back in 1996 by Robert Westerholt. Their career started with their first album "Enter" (1997). In that time the growls used of the founder Robert Westerholt and the pure angelic like voice of Sharon were standing out from the crowd.

However, in 2011 he withdrew from touring with the band to take care of their common children. From that moment on he is working for the band at home in their own studio. 

With their album "Mother earth"(2000) and "The Silent Force" (2004) they could widely establishing their success across Europe. Their continuous ongoing success, among others, was crowned by awards in the category " World music award (2005/2007) and "MTW europe music award" (2007) in their homecountry in the netherlands.

Furthermore, their three successors "The heart of everything" (2007), "The Unforgiving" (2011) and their last album "Hydra" (2014) gained a lot of success and demonstrate their musical spectrum and prowess. 

Not only with their albums the dutch allround talents have proven multiple times their facets, by covering up a wide variety of musical styles, but also by its numerous other projects such as the forthcoming project Black X-mas (2015) or special concert projects like " Black Symphony" (2008) Or Acoustic Night at the Theatre (2009).


Their recipe for success is actually quite simple but promising.

Factors such as their straightforwardness, endurance and their steady muscial development without forgetting its roots emphasize their successful longevity of the band.

Morever, they are not afraid to experiment, collaborate with ohter artist (Tarja, Anneke van Giersbergen,Xzibit etc.) combining musical styles. 

Their consisting trademark will always be the symbiosis of heavy guitar riffs combined and varied with Sharon's pure voice. In addition to their wide musical range it is the interaction especially with their large fanbase that distinguishes them from other bands.

Whether through personal surveys or " Question and answer sessions " for example.

The last fact is that almost everyone who is listening to the band appreciate that they are, because of their mentality, almost always cheerful, brimming with creativity and variety and because of that rightly names as a band coming from a fairy tale.