“If you once listen to 

you know why Los Angeles is called City of Angels”

That moment you land in Los Angeles (CA) on your way to Toronto and they tell you your flight is cancelled, you simply wanna hate Los Angeles from now on but you can’t because one of the best bands you’ve ever listened to comes from there.  I’m speaking of Stitched Up Heart, a band founded in 2010 by Alecia “Mixi” Demner, who is the lead singer of the band. When she was to name the band she was depressed and went through a heartbreak, which is why she named the band “Stitched Up Heart” to give people strength. The strength she found, as well as the strength she wants to give, can be noticed in the lyrics.

Even though they exist since 2010, they released their first full length album called “Never Alone“ last year. It is the first production since they signed at Century Media Records.

Alecia’s voice is incredible. Between rock and screaming, she can combine every element to form a metal song out of it. My favorite song is “Monster” because it really reflects what the band is about. And there is a funny story to it as they wrote the song.

“The studio where we wrote 'Monster' was a pretty creepy place. A black cat gave birth to two albino cats there, there were spell books on the shelves, it had a crazy energy and I almost felt possessed, the words coming through and speaking through me... It might have also been that I was drinking a lot of Monster Energy Drink that day, but it felt like a beast came out!"

Their newest video clip for Catch Me When I Fall landed another big thing in the alternative press. It was shared around the globe, speaking to everyone who has ever felt alone. You always wish for someone who has got your back and catches you whenever it’s needed, and with their music they are the ones who are always there.

Mixi is also very dedicated to kitten rescue, but she also cares about her fans and shares beautiful words for everyone who feels bad on her social media. Further, she is nominated as Revolver Magazines “Hottest Chick in Metal” frequently and you can’t deny she really deserves that because she is absolutely hot. Even though I would never declare a metal singer as a “hot chick” because it is a lack of respect for them, I got to say that she is super pretty and has a huge talent in singing and performing. Speaking of which, Mixi showed it when they toured the US with Letters from the Fire at the beginning of the year.

For everyone who wants to meet up with her on skype, you still can purchase skype sessions with her where you will meet all the kittens being able to ask her all the questions you want to know about her, the band, the kittens or what else comes to your mind. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Just drop her an email mixikitty@gmail.com


While reading this band portrait, we hope you start getting interested in Stitched Up Heart and check them out. First, here is the video from their latest release.


Share it around with your friends and show them how amazing they are. You can’t deny, they areAnd if you are from the US or you love to travel, catch them on tour in June and July :)