They covered the world in stardust purple stardust.

With “they” I mean the band Jaded Star consisting of Maxi Nil (vocals), Kosta Vreto(guitar), Raphael Saini(drums), Babis Nikou (bass).

better known as 


Separated from their previous bands Visions of Atlantis (Maxi) and Iced Earth (Raphael) decided to re-enter the music world, but with an own project.



In 2015, their debut album “Memories from the future” was falling down like a shining star in the night. They build their own galaxy between spaced metal and a bit rock. You can also find some quiet songs.

Right under the slogan “keep on fighting” they went on the second European tour with Xandria and Serenity which is over for almost 3 weeks now. The first tour with Moonspell was also a big success for them.

If you know Maxi Nil from her previous band you might know she has a unique voice which makes all the songs really powerful. And Kosta Vreto with his awesome technique playing the guitar being combined with the Raphael Saini’s drums and the Babis Nikou’s bass gives the songs the necessary metal sound.

Are you curious how they sound live, now? Come to Athens next Saturday (26th of March) and see them along with some other Greek female fronted band headlining “Voices of the Mist” fest. It’s really worth to see them and also doing some sightseeing in Athens as well.
If you don’t have any chance to go to Greece, I recommend you to buy “Memories from the Future” and stay tuned for their second album which will be released in the middle of 2017.




Check also our interview with Maxi & the photo gallary taken at Female Voices Fest Bamberg