Music between darkness, light, reality and dream.

Who are they and what kind of music do they make?



Bare Infinity is a symphonic/power metal band from Greece (Athens), known for the combination of different elements and influences such as symphonic, atmospheric,death and electronic influences but also heavy guitars, soaring keyboards elements with dreamy and melancholic parts. They use operatic but also rock and soft soprano vocals. These influences derive from the different musical backgrounds  the original members just like the new members brought and bring to the band.  The band deals with topics such as depression, loneliness and pain combined with visual elements or metaphors, for instance sky, sun, air or rain. In general, they deal with the darkest side of the self and all the struggles one has to go through in life from time to time. 

“Awakening Moonlight” from the EP “Passage”(2011) with the new singer Ida Elena:

A few facts about the band’s history:

They are not the only band who had to overcome setbacks and upheavals. Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind. But it does not depend on how often you failed or how many bad things happened, it counts how many times you dared to stand up again and had the courage to show the world who you are!


The band was founded 2003/2004 by Tomas and Christianna (now singer of Elysion) and became active in 2007 with their first promo CD as an opening act for Epica in Greece. As the years progressed they played alongside a few bands, such as My Inner Burning, Before the Dawn, Xandria and more. They also played at the MFVF (Metal Female Voices Fest) festival in Belgium (2011) with new singer Angel (member from 2009-2011) and at the Voices of the Mist festival in 2015 with their new singer Ida Elena (since 2014) .


After a great show together with Firewind in Athens , Bare Infintiy disbanded due to many issues amongst which health issues and a personal loss of the founder

What is going on in the band camp now?


Despite parting ways with former singers Christianna and Angel and a few other line-up changes, they are not only back on the roads again but also back to record a new full length album in 2016 (November).

After their full length album “Always Forever” (2003) and the EP “The Passage” (2011) it is definitely time for a new album. To help the band with their final production phase of their upcoming album you may visit the Indiegogo campaign. Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site for artists and bands all over the world. The band launched the campaign on 16th of May 2016

By supporting the band, you can get a lot of different items and will also be able to see quite a few samples and teasers of new songs. The single “Race of Destiny” from their upcoming album can already be watched here: 

Tracklist of the new album
Tracklist of the new album

Support the Indiegogo campaign here


 .....It is not over yet.


The new singer Ida Elena is not only working for Bare Infinity. She was also involved in Cantus Lunaris (a medival folk band) in the project Anhiderma Music New Age on the song “Underwater Love”, as a solo singer and in the French project “Trinakria”. You can see them perform at “Fairydream” – a fantasy festival in Germany on the 3rd of July where Magna Femina is going to do an interview with her.