Norway, land of rough landscapes and fjords: A Half year of sun, a half year of darkness and home of one of the most controversial genre of Metal: Black Metal. In my opinion, you either hate it or love it. I would say that it is normally not my taste of music, but every once in a while a band comes along who changes your mind or is at least the exception from the rule. Such a band is Evig Natt (Eternal Night in Norwegian).


Started in 2003 as studio project by Kirsten Jörgensen and bassist Stein Roger Sund, the project evolved into a full band. Rubens Osnes (guitar), Harald Magne Revheim (drums) and Arne Marton Tangjerd (guitar) are completing the line up.

What can you expect from a band who calls themselves “eternal night”? They describe their music as orchestral black metal. I think the description fits the sound of the band very well. The band combines the rawness of black metal with the loveliness of Kirsten’s voice and an epic, orchestral sound. Like light and darkness or the moment after a storm passes through and you can see the sunshine again.

Two songs that shows the variety of the band are “How I bleed” and “Wildfire”. “How I bleed” is an 8 min ride through the heaviest storm you can imagine on an ocean. Beginning with Steins deeps growls and fast, heavy drums and guitars it’s raised to Kirsten’s belted out refrain. You can imagine a stormy sea with lightning and thunder when you listen to that song. In the end, you can hear keys and strings like sunshine coming out of the clouds. That’s surely a song that blows you away, especially when you hear that song live.

“Wildfire” on the opposite is a very calm song. You can hear Kirsten singing and playing the piano. Later, they add some drums and guitars.


Every song has a very personal note and not every song is written in English. Some songs like “Stille fØr stormen” are written in Norwegian.

If you like bands like Draconian or Sirenia you should definitely check the band out. The next chance to see them live is at the Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2017 in Kopervik Norway on may, the 5th. So if you live in Norway or northern Europe get your arse up and watch them!