Tezaura - neo gothic rock from Czech Republic

A quote verbatim: "Is my favorite computer game GRIM TALES-the stone queen ALIAS the band TEZAURA coming alive?! Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland, dreams, reality or just a fairy tale?". You wonder what she is talking about? So it is up to you to connect the dots now. 

But at first:

YOU should be in the mood for an adventure.

YOU want to cross the great unknown in order to discover joy, love, findings, ideas, suggestions or new experiences?

YOU are also ready to fly off and burst into the world with all its ups but also downsides? - Like a BUTTERFLY that has a lot of struggles to overcome before it is able to evade the world.

These are reasons why you should pay attention to a band which needed a few attempts/changes in their career to find themselves.

I'm talking about the band "Tezaura" who literally unleashed their butterflies to the music world.

A magnificent creature!

The in 2010 completely formed five-member band "Tezaura" from Czech Republic consists of the charming and talented singer Lori, keyboardist Filip who is responsible for the outstanding synths, guitarist Nemo, bass player Mara and drummer David.

Now a little backup information.


They released their first EP "Daydreaming" in spring 2011 and their new album "Unleash the Butterflies" was published in 2013 but released, fortunately, for everyone in 2015 by the British label Crysella Records.

What can you expect of their music?

Impressive is the occurring modern and fresh way of their songs with their catchy melodies. Fascinating is also the contrast between the driven melancholy, gentle electronic sound combined with a flowing energy created by hard guitar riffs, steady drumbeats and Lori's kind of deep hard-rock voice which even reaches operatic heights.

The apparent paradox of lightness, slowness united with the remarkable underlying heaviness is, however, arranged in harmony. Because of that, it is a real listening experience.

Their two videos should not be missed of course. Not only do they form their skills and repertoire but also show a spectacular commitment of the band members (reference especially to the video "Heavenhell").

Their videos illustrate the facts that were mentioned before; It’s melancholy coupled with the power of breaking out (especially here in " Mechanical Ballerina").

To give a short insight, the video " Mechanical Ballerina" lets you visually dive into an atmosphere that is quiet, oppressive, gentle and fragile but also full of energy that has to be let out. Additional elements and effects like (harmonic) distortions (Flanger or Delay) produce a voluminous and echo-like effect. Even the whispering parts or the sounds coming out of the jukebox produce this special soundscape.



Their second video "Heavenhell" was published in 2015 and is also to be found on their new record "Unleash the Butterflies".

The esoteric, religious and artistic video convinces with an electronic, heavy sound, pounding drums, and a catchy, notably danceable melody.

Together they give you an overview of what you can expect of the album.

You still don't want to take part in the experience?

So here are the last two reasons why:

First of all, music mostly is experienced emotionally and serves as an outlet for various emotional states but the thing, which is really rare and give the artists great credit for, is when music can let you dive into another world or dimension.

That is what Tezaura is capable of.

Moreover, you want to dance and have fun? -No!

Not alone…

You don't want to dance, you want to be up stage and let the music formally creep into your body, don’t you?

And to mark the occasion, you also truly love metal/rock music with gothic and tiny progressive influences combined with modern sounding elements? Well then?

Visit their concerts, listen to their music and spread it around the world.

They're not only gaining more recognition (as they've toured, for instance, not only in Czech Republic but also in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary after the release of their album), they also played at "Made of Metal Festival“ (2014), as a warm-up band for Dope Stars, Desdemona, Pathfinder or Kells and even organize festivals such as Glacial Croon and After Fair.


Last but not least, to come to an end I have to mention a personal highlight I’ve noticed after visiting their official homepage" http://www.tezaura.com“, intended or not. I found out about their remarkable design and pictures. They are totally amazing and they remind me of my favorite "Wimmelbilder (German)" of the game Grim Tales-Stone Queen (a Point-and-Click-Adventure game) -which is saying something.