"We bring you melodic metal, based on passion!"

In 2016, an album was released that I will probably listen to for the next 40 years: “Echoes of Dawn” by Veil of Delusions was one of the highlights of last year. The review of this album can be read here:


Now it’s time to take a closer look at the band.


Veil of Delusions is a Dutch band that was found at the end of 2015. The band consists of singer Zoë Tilly, guitar player / growler Martin Vos, Jeffrey Wennekes on the bass, guitar player Xander ten Boden and is completed by drummer Rob Reijs. Quite soon after the band’s line-up was completed, the first song “The chase” was released as a video on YouTube as well as the song “Across the sky” that was finished second. The band is influenced by many different bands and styles. Every of the musician has her / his own influences that are integrated into the songs of Veil of Delusions. There are symphonic elements such as the catchy melodies as well as melodic death metal elements such as the growls or heavy riffs. Bands that had an influence on Veil of Delusions are for example Nightwish, Amon Amarth, but also some more unexpected ones such as System of a Down or Volbeat. But the attribute that sticks out the most is the voice of Zoë Tilly or as she described it: 

“My vocal style is mostly characterized by the fact I have a somewhat lower sound than a lot of female singers in the metal genre.”

This describes it very well and is one of the reason Veil of Delusions has a high recognition value among the seemingly endless amount of bands that exist these days.

Beginning of September 2016, the album “Echoes of Dawn” was released which has got positive reviews by critics and by fans.

“The recurring theme throughout the album has everything to do with war in the broadest sense of the word. It deals with the chaos of battle and the honour of the people fighting, but also the consequences to individual people and society.”


After having played several successful concerts in the Netherlands as well as in Germany and in England, the band’s next big goal is to release their second album. There is “the taste for more”. The work on album no. 2 has already started. And there might be also a music video coming up sooner or later. All in all, the year 2017 will be exciting for the band as well as for the fans. Can’t wait.