Do you think this is an innocent, cute little girl?

Then you’ve never listened




“I showed my grandma a picture of Alissa and then put >Thank you, Pain< in. Her reaction was amazing!” – “If a man could do it, why shouldn’t a girl too?” 

It was the year 2004… a new star at the metal heaven was born in Montreal (Canada). With the name “The Tempest” and a pretty blue haired girl Alissa White-Gluz at the microphone they started doing something similar to punk rock. As they signed up with Century Media as label (which is their label until now) they changed the name into “The Agonist” which means fighter in Greek.

In 2007 their first album “Once Only Imagined” was release which can be attached to melodic death metal. There was a mixture of clean melodic vocals and dark growls done by the female lead singer. Within the next years the band gained quite some reputation and two more albums and one EP followed.

Alissa White-Gluz
Alissa White-Gluz

In 2014 they broke up with Alissa White-Gluz as their singer, they changed ways because of some private issues and some rumours say it’s because Alissa were asked by “Arch Enemy” to join the band as their new singer. Her place was given to the beautiful Vicky Psarakis (see picture) who is also known from the Greek progressive band E.V.E

To be honest, I really needed to get accustomed to Vicky and her voice. To speak for myself, I was a big Alissa fan and I couldn’t imagine anyone replacing her. But at the end, Vicky did a perfect job. The latest album “Eye of Providence”, which was released in 2015, is really amazing. The songs are a bit more melancholic and the voice of Vicky is really different to Alissa’s. But that shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s always great to listen to the old and new stuff together. But if you expect a second Alissa, then you might be disappointed!

Vicky Psarakis singing the Agonist
Vicky Psarakis

I’ve restarted listening to “The Agonist” with Vicky some months ago. As Alissa left the band I wasn’t in the mood for another voice and my first try to give Vicky a chance didn’t end up that well. I disliked her voice, her looks (even if it hasn’t something to do with her skills) and also her stage presentation…that had one reason, she wasn’t that blue haired girl I grew up with.

Now, the time has passed away, 2 years are done since the changeover and finally, I realized the real talent of Vicky. I just can’t stop listening to “The Eye of Providence” and especially to the first released single “Disconnect me”. It’s deep love between me and the new “The Agonist” exactly like 10 years ago as I discovered them and it was love at the first sight.

Enough talking…NOW go and check them out! But be careful …you will become addicted!