Do you like Sabaton? And do you like a woman with heavy vocals, too?

Then you should continue reading and let me introduce you to an amazing band from Calgary (Canada).

I’m speaking of nothing else than Kobra and the Lotus.

The band was founded in 2008 and one year later, they released their debut album with the fantastic name “Out of the Pit”.
In 2010 after the release of their second album, which is self-titled, they changed the line-up. Only the talented, blonde singer Kobra Paige and the drummer Griffin Kissack are still part of the band.
Currently, Kobra is touring with Kamelot in North America and Canada as their guest singer.


Throughout the years, they have played some festivals around the globe, for example Download festival, Wacken Open Air or Hellfest, only to name a few.

Along with festivals, they have toured with many famous bands like KISS, Judas Priest, Steel Panther or Gus G.

During their last tour, they were opener for Kamelot and they have toured all Europe with them.

On their latest full album named “High Priestess”, which was released in July 2014, they have put together the amazing voice of Kobra Paige and some heavy guitar riffs. You could easily put them into heavy metal with female vocals, but before you open the drawer to put them in, you should listen to their songs.

Kobra Paige is a classical singer, but with her voice different from other female singers, Kobra and the Lotus are well worth seeing and listening in the future. Next to her career as a singer, she loves doing heavy sports like kickboxing and she called herself a heavy metal shaman because she feels close to nature, which you can see in many pictures taken of her.

This year, they decided to create an EP with some cover songs, e.g. Black Velvet, for which they released an own music video, you can check it here.


Currently, they are working on a new album called “Prevail” which you can support! They have signed in with pledgemusic for being sure YOU can be a part of this album, I can imagine that will be THE killer album in 2016.
You will be offered many VIP packages and some merchandise if you pre-order “Prevail” via pledgemusic.
So sign in here and be a part of this writing process, get some sneak peaks before all the others and support a great band who really deserves it! 

Like their facebook, twitter and visit their website! 
You also can check Kobra Paige herself!