If you think Canada has nothing more than mountains and lakes, than you are totally wrong.

Besides the beautiful landscape they also can give you pure fuckin’ metal.

Especially Montreal, which is located in the French part of Canada, seems to have all the most talented melodic death metal bands.

One of them is Karkaos, our band of the month August 2016.

The band is fronted by the beautiful Viky Boyer whose awesome screams sound like the ones of Vicky Psarakis, the new The Agonist singer. Might it be a coincidence that both bands are from the same area?

Her clear singing voice in contrast reminds me a bit of Alissa White-Gluz who is at least Montreal’s best known female screamer so far.

What does that tell you? You definitely should check the band out. Just the comparison to two awesome singers promises you how good this band is.  

Still not convinced, yet?

Another point is they have at least two female musicians in the band.

Next to Viky there is Justine Ethier, well known as the drummer of Blackguard, a Canadian folk metal band. Additionally, she is or was the roommate of Alissa White-Gluz and one of her closest friends.

So you can imagine Alissa would share all her knowledge about the music business with her, doesn’t this sound like the biggest help a band can get? 

While we wrote this text to introduce Karkaos to you, Viky finalized her vocal recordings and so the finish touch of the new album, which is by the way the first full lengh album with Viky as their singer.

So, we are sure the band won’t regret anything to have her now.

Karkaos is completed by Samael Pelletier on the guitars, Eddy Levitsky on the bass, Sebastien Belanger-Lapierre on the keyboard and Vincent Harnois on guitar and vocals who also founded the band back in 2003.

Hopefully, you are convinced now, that this band is worth to take a closer look at.

Just go and check their current youtube video