Elysian Gates is a symphonic metal band from Luxembourg founded in 2010, which has had a few changes concerning the band’s line up over the years. In the beginning of 2015, Noémie Leer became their new vocalist and they have been touring a lot ever since. They’re currently working on a second album to follow up the great success of ‘’Destination Unknown’’.


Elysian Gates consists of six musicians, namely Noémie Leer on vocals, Thierry Sadler on keyboards, Sue Scarano and Guy Christen on guitars, Kim Sosson on bass and Christian Praus on drums. Noémie is a great fit for the band, for she has a wide vocal range, which is really fortunate for performing symphonic metal. Although she seems to struggle slightly with the lower parts in ‘’Demons in My Head’’, her grunts are extraordinarily convincing. Therefore, it would be great to hear her grunts more frequently on the new album. A recommendation to listen to is the wonderful song ‘’Northern Winds’’. This song’s lyrics have a very nice meaning, and the band is able to bring it across really well. Musically speaking, Elysian Gates could be compared to the beginnings of the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain.

 ~Tamar (Magna Femina Webzine)


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