About Us


A few months ago, we were fans just like you.

We went to concerts, stood in the front row, waited in front of the tour bus, only to see our favorite artists.

However, that wasn’t enough for us because we wanted to unite fans and bands, so we eventually launched this webzine.

At first, we only had a facebook page to collect likes. One day, we had the idea to do interviews with our favorite artists, but this idea wasn’t easy to bring to life because we needed support; therefore, we asked smaller bands to support us and they excitedly did.

So we grew, improved our stage of popularity and finally had the chance to interview famous metal ladies like Amanda Somerville, Elize Ryd, and many more...


Our passion for Female Fronted Metal unites us all, so lets be a community! Help us grow, so we can help you get the latest news about your favorite artists!